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The Lifehouse of Hope is a non-profit, tax exempt foundation (501)(C3) that has been created to provide hope-giving services and resources to the youth of Maricopa County. We specialize in caring for emotional needs through suicide prevention and post-suicide grief counseling services, and other general counseling services. We provide additional resources for youth in the form of diabetes test kits, and psychiatric evaluations. 


Because we are a non-profit tax-exempt foundation, we run on donations from generous donors and are able to provide our services and resources at discounted rates, or even at no cost when needed. This gives us the great pleasure of serving families and youth who normally do not have access to these kinds of services. 


The Lifehouse of Hope Foundation consists of a Vietnam War Era Air Force Veteran, a Gulf War Era Retired Navy Veteran, Professional Counselors, Life Coaches, First Responders, and Community Resource Coordinators who are passionate about youth and veteran suicide prevention, post-suicide healing, and providing skills for successful living.

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Please call us at: 480 830-8299 or fill out our contact form.


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