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Helping Youth Thrive

Caring for the youth of Maricopa County — emotionally, physically, and mentally.


Lifehouse of Hope cares about the whole person. We want to see the youth of Maricopa County not just survive, but thrive. To do that, we believe we must provide emotional, physical, and mental health services to our clients. Only then can we hope to guide them through healing into a vibrant and hope-filled life. 


To achieve our goal we offer a variety of services, including: 


Clinical Counseling 

Our team of counselors are among the most compassionate, caring, and helpful around, with a heart for young people. We specialize in suicide prevention, healing from the loss of a loved one, coping with anxiety, depression, self-esteem, and other debilitating emotional issues. We provide the tools and skills needed to deal with life’s stresses in healthy ways. 


Diabetes Resources 

Recently Lifehouse of Hope has begun a partnership with a primary care medical practice and a pediatric medical practice to provide free diabetic testing kits to a Southeast Valley Free Clinic that serves low income families with diabetic young people. 


Psychiatric Help 

Our Whole Person approach includes providing psychiatric services to youth. When medication is needed, we can make it happen, often at discounted or even free rates. Research and Experience have proven  treating the medical/mental health problems  opens the door to addressing the deeper emotional problems and reclaiming a meaningful life. 

Lifehouse of Hope Helping Youth Thrive

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